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Kamis, 28 Juni 2012


I once had a 1.0 share SkinPack Alienware would have to make windows 7 look a cool friends. Well this time I will share the latest SkinPack Alienware, the Red Alienware Skin Pack 2.0. Alienware Skin / Theme Pack 2.0 is an application that allows friends who use Windows 7 untukmengubah interface of the system of friends, in the style of the famous Red coolest Alienware

(Alienware - the U.S. subsidiary of Dell, which manufactures computer hardware, computer games, laptop). All the components that make up this theme, completely installed automatically without the intervention of friends, simply by running the installer (x86 or x64 - depending on your system a bit) and wait for the results, he.

Alienware SkinPack 2.0 is available in 32Bit v / v 64bit and x86 / x64. So my friends who are already using 64bit v, not to worry, because Alienware SkinPack 2.0 is available in a 64bit version. So, waiting for, get download Alienware SkinPack 2.0 on this blog and make friends desktop view into the coolest, he.

Hopefully this article helpful,> _ <

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism so I hope for the progress of this blog, Thx

Alienware Skinpack 2.0 x86

Alienware Skinpack 2.0 x64
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Miftah Budi Kurniawan mengatakan...

ijin sedott sob..

sekalian follback + komenback yaa...

RIzal Faozi mengatakan...

Awali pagi ini dengan BW, daripada bosen mendingan baca baca :D update trus gamenya gan, dan jangan lupa visit back slam http://heksil.blogspot.com/

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